This Is Why Your Baby Doesn’t Sleep Through the Night

Having an all-star sleeper from birth is considered a holy grail of parenting. Many parents would be jealous of you. Most parents have tried things like relaxing star projectors, but they do not work. There are things that sabotage the chances of a baby sleeping through the night.

Reasons why the baby cannot sleep through the night.

  • Because babies are not designed to

Humans infants, cannot sleep through the whole night. They all must wake up at some point. For younger babies this has to happen even more because waking up often feeding, seeking comfort then going back to sleep is their way of feeling safe. There is no benefit in sleeping longer and consistently.

  • Because it is how we are.

Humans are naturally biphasic sleepers. We all experience 2 phases of sleep: from sunset to midnight and from 1 to dawn. We, however, forget that we wake up at night hence the misconception that we sleep all through the night.

  • Because babies need to conserve their milk supply.

Instinctively, babies are driven to conserve their milk supply. As the bay grows, the stomach grows and it is able to hold more milk than at birth. The breast milk has low-fat content hence digests easier and faster. For this reason, the baby gets hungry after very short time hence the need to nurse more often. As the baby breastfeeds, the risk of engorgement and mastitis is reduced hence better breast health. In short, as the baby breastfeeds more, more milk is produced.

  • Because they need close contact.

Babies are born prematurely. All the other mammals give birth to infants that can walk and eat. Babies need more time for his and are said to be born 9-18 months prematurely. They are very vulnerable. Because they are still developing, they need an external womb (close contact). Parents are their survival mechanism. This is why they will keep waking up at night looking for them. They cry to arouse the parent’s attention.

  • Because it promotes brain development.

According to Dr. Darcia Narvaez, Professor in the department of psychology at the University of Notre Dame, night-time breastmilk has high levels of tryptophan. This is a precursor to serotine which is a hormone that aids in brain function and development. Babies who wake up more frequently are seen to be more intelligent than the others. Also, children who are closer to their parents have greater empathy and greater conscience.

  • Because they want your full attention.

Babies would sleep during the day and be awake at night. This is because they need attention from their parents. At night there are less distractions and the baby knows that too. He would want all the attention from you.

Despite the time of day, as the caregiver, you need to follow your baby’s sleeping pattern. To help the baby sleep more, you can buy Calm Knight Star Projector Sound Machine with Cry Detection from This is a crying detector that would start singing lullabies whenever a baby cries and soothes him/her to sleep.

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